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St. Clair Fitness Center Exercise EquipmentWELCOME

Fall is upon us, the air is clear, the leaves crunch underfoot and the days grow shorter.

So what?” you ask.

Well, think of it this way, every moment of your life is spent doing something –  from working at your place of employment to enjoying an evening stroll. From running errands to spending time with family, friends and neighbors. From doing household chores to participating in activities to improve your physical health and well being. Each moment counts. And each moment, once spent, cannot be recouped.

Sound a bit too philosophical?

That’s okay, the ‘improve your physical health and well being part’ can be summed up like this…….

Do you want to drive to a workout  facility in Mankato –


Gas for 12 trips to Mankato



Your time for 12 trips to Mankato

6 hours

Remember, that’s on top of your workout time and before the round-a-bout detours start happening.

(What is your time worth to you and your family?)

Or would you rather support a local business? –

freeimage-6921195-web Saving hours of drive time,
leaving more time for friends, family and fun.

Saving gas money and wear on your car,
leaving more money in your wallet.

Supporting a local business,
which strengthens your community

Now that’s PRICELESS!

The St. Clair Fitness Center is a welcoming facility designed to meet the needs of all adult community members, regardless of ability level. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have at 507-340-5125.


We are pleased to offer


dōTERRA provides life-enhancing benefits with their therapeutic-grade essential oils, available now from the St. Clair Fitness Center.

Click here to download our catalog to learn more about Essential Oils and what they can do for you and your family.

Contact Lisa to order or purchase online here at this link:
Online orders are my preferred method of purchasing, since I will keep a limited supply of inventory.